Planning to grow your business?

Every organisation has their own DNA – characteristics that offer a unique opportunity to grow their business.

The DNA Business Engineering process works within a company to re-ignite your business proposition to grow your business. Through DNA’s independent expert business analysis. Our advisors identify opportunities for your business growth, highlighting the unique positioning that ultimately serves as a catalyst for growth. In a swift process delivered by experienced and specialist business professionals, DNA takes a 360 degree snapshot of a business. This includes each stakeholder group, from Directors to shop floor and client to supplier. Next, by looking in detail at your competitors proposition DNA will identify a stronger brand position and sales proposition for you. Through qualitative analysis, DNA identifies opportunities that clarify vision, inspire the team and deliver competitive advantage to drive growth.
Where to start
Starting the journey of growth can often be a challenge, so here’s a breakdown of the areas our DNA team can work with you to begin. Take a look at the growth areas and then why not speak to us about where you want the next step to be?


Why work with DNA Business Engineering?
Our approach is unlike what you may expect from a big management consulting firm in the UK. We are entrepreneurial in style, focused on actions that will support business growth. DNA challenges conventional thinking, takes an external objective overview. DNA supports Directors with a ‘vision acceleration‘ approach. We do not pass work down to juniors; you work with senior team members right through the project. The DNA tools enable swift and effective results.

What are the benefits?
DNA has work for clients, on growth planning & implementation, throughout the UK and overseas to:

• Plan 3x growth
• Cross sell new products & services
• Identify innovations to promote growth
• Defined vision & strategy
• Grow new business
• Gain team buy-in to initiatives
• Build director confidence
• Succession plan.



Our Clients and Projects