You decide what momentum your business has

DNA delivers fast implementation strategies to help your business forge a new future

Take a step back from the daily demands, decisions & disciplines & ask yourself:

'is my business in good health?’

To answer this requires an honest and open mindset. When you look at your products, services, people, customers, markets and of course your balance sheet – how are they all doing? If you’re making money that’s great but we all need to future plan for the short, medium and long term –  will your business last? Do you know what’s around the corner?

This DNA Business Engineering health check evaluation is not for the faint-hearted. When you are head down in the mix every single day, the idea of taking time to do this might seem like a luxurious dream. What you need is people alongside you who can help you take a dispassionate look, so that you can then build the future vision. DNA has developed three pathways to assist you in developing new ways to think about your business.



Plan growth, don’t leave it to chance. Create commercial clarity to take your business to the next level.


Keep your people, grow your culture. Change attitudes by encouraging ambition throughout your team.


Connect and engage with your audience. Achieve cohesive marketing communications across all your digital platforms.

The DNA team are not like the stereotypical consultants who take your watch and tell you the time. We don’t theorise and then leave you to apply it. We work alongside you with business strategies that empower you to overcome the hurdles and gain momentum.

If you want to get your business ready to grow and then take a significant leap forward, our business advice will deliver results. We’ll stay with you for the journey – wherever you decide that’s going to take you.

When we started this process with DNA, UKTI helped us with an OMIS report, but we needed actual results. We had tried two consultants who failed to gain any success in recruiting agents. So the bar was high and our expectation low. However, DNA delivered an incredible result.

Andy CoxManaging Director, Cox and Plant