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5 Reasons Why…You Think Your Business Is Not Ready To Grow

We talk to businesses all the time who tell us they are not ready. Not ready to talk to us because if they bring in business consultants, that should spearhead business growth while actually, that is the problem: they are not ready for growth. Consequently, this is often what we hear: We haven't got time to spend with a consultant. You know how we're going to respond to this already - that's why you should spend time with us. When you ... Read more

A Guide To The Business Of Exporting

The UK is preparing for the final push against the headwinds in Brussels to get Brexit over the line. Businesses, particularly those involved in exporting, are readying themselves to cope with the consequences of whatever deal is finally thrashed out. And cope they will. UK companies are well trained in dealing with the changing regulations that governments throw at them on a regular basis. But exporting has always required an innovative approach, and every market is different. My latest book, Who Ordered ... Read more