A Guide To The Business Of Exporting

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The UK is preparing for the final push against the headwinds in Brussels to get Brexit over the line. Businesses, particularly those involved in exporting, are readying themselves to cope with the consequences of whatever deal is finally thrashed out. And cope they will. UK companies are well trained in dealing with the changing regulations that governments throw at them on a regular basis.

But exporting has always required an innovative approach, and every market is different. My latest book, Who Ordered The Battered Cod?, provides advice, anecdotes and case studies to help aspiring international business people to be successful in overseas markets. It can comfortably be read on a business flight to Dubai or on a long train journey into Europe.

By the time you reach your destination you will have been both entertained and educated. You will, for example, have some key tips about how to deal with cultural differences in China and India. You will be equipped to prepare yourself and your business for exporting. Selecting the right markets for your journey into international trade will no longer be a mystery. You will also have laughed at the scrapes that the author has endured as he learnt his trade around the world.

This is a memoir of an international businessman. It’s also a set of case studies of some successful UK companies, and an essential guide for anyone who is wanting to start or to expand their exporting activities.

If you want to further explore some of the themes in this book with me, please contact DNA for more information on business growth and the exporting process.

Who Ordered The Battered Cod? will be available on Amazon in paperback and ebook at the end of October.