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DNA Summer Break 2019

DNA studio will be taking a break from 12th - 16th August During this period we will maintain emergency support for websites. Email - support@dnabusinessengineering.co.uk Have a great summer, the DNA team  Read more

Your Guide To Exporting

DNA chairman, Doug Jackson, has recently completed his latest book, Who Ordered The Battered Cod? This is your guide to exporting - the experiences that await you, the challenges you can overcome and an insight into British companies who are already exporting very successfully. Take a look at the preface here and order your copy today. Who Ordered The Battered Cod? Selling things to people in other countries is challenging. People who perhaps don’t speak your language, who have a different culture and who ... Read more

5 Reasons Why…You Think Your Business Is Not Ready To Grow

We talk to businesses all the time who tell us they are not ready. Not ready to talk to us because if they bring in business consultants, that should spearhead business growth while actually, that is the problem: they are not ready for growth. Consequently, this is often what we hear: We haven't got time to spend with a consultant. You know how we're going to respond to this already - that's why you should spend time with us. When you ... Read more

A Guide To The Business Of Exporting

The UK is preparing for the final push against the headwinds in Brussels to get Brexit over the line. Businesses, particularly those involved in exporting, are readying themselves to cope with the consequences of whatever deal is finally thrashed out. And cope they will. UK companies are well trained in dealing with the changing regulations that governments throw at them on a regular basis. But exporting has always required an innovative approach, and every market is different. My latest book, Who Ordered ... Read more

Have you got a growth mindset?

Your mindset affects your whole outlook, this in turn alters the results you expect. This is not an article about simply being positive. Instead this is to ask, are we making an excuse to ourselves as leaders that currently, and in the future will limit the potential we, our people and our businesses can achieve? Can having a Growth Mindset really change your results? When visiting established businesses I often start by asking a little about the reasons they began building a ... Read more

Dream Again

Can investing time and expertise in performance really increase your bottom line? Often when a review is carried out, be it of systems, people, processes or targets these reviews are seen as barriers, or inconveniences to your company's real work. However, if you could see tangible changes, improved performance and greater results, would your view of this be different? The Red Bull Race team make 1000's of tiny changes to their cars each year, in the belief that each tiny incremental improvement ... Read more

So, just how DO you export?

If you are not already fed up with all the discussion about Brexit, whether it be hard, soft, medium rare or over-easy, then you must be a political journalist.  For the rest of us, particularly if we are running a small to medium sized business, the challenge is as great as ever to grow our businesses, particularly internationally. The DNA Chairman, Doug Jackson, is taking this seriously enough to write a book about how to do it. After over 40 years in ... Read more

What’s the heart of your message

I see you around, you are everywhere. It makes me feel so proud, knowing we were once so close. You were in my heart first. I love the way you look, the way you make me feel. You were bound to get noticed. It was only a matter of time. Now you have a whole new life out there in the big wide world. Of course I still get to see you but it’s different now. You are some big name, everyone wants a piece of you. You ... Read more

Crossing Over

This week the new Forth Bridge Queensferry Crossing was completed. I had the privilege of seeing this a few months ago and took these shots, impressed by the skill involved in creating and achieving such a feat, the overhangs suspended above the water with no connections. The pictures of the completed bridge got me thinking; to build a bridge, the team start at both ends and meet in the middle, joining two disconnected places and opening up a world of new possibilities. Often ... Read more

The European Market – Too Close or To Close?

The complexity of the English language often allows us to write a completely confusing sentence like the above headline, which nevertheless is good English, if a little clunky. At some point quite soon, maybe this year, we will be asked to vote on whether we wish to remain part of the vast market that is so close to our shores, or leave it and close off the direct route to the single European market. In reality, as with all such major decisions, there ... Read more
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