Why It Pays To Shop Local

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Why It Pays To Shop Local

A few decades ago, the conversation was all about high street verses out-of-town shopping. At the time, we were all alarmed by the trend towards large out-of-town superstores, the death of the high street and with it the desire to shop local. Now the trend we are looking at is a challenge to both high street retailers and out-of-town. It is the growth of online sales. In 2014, online sales in the UK are set to hit £45 billion, which is a ... Read more

Tesco Needs Some Penguins

I’ve written before and it seems often on the fragility of brand. The Findus horsemeat scandal was an outstanding example of a fall from grace and the big names have been keeping us brand observers busy since then. This week, Tesco has proved once again that no brand is too big to fail. It’s relative of course. Misstating your profits by £263 million leaves you with over a billion to play with. This is not a company about to fold, it is ... Read more

Amazon Turn From Royal Mail Customer To Competitor

Amazon's announcement yesterday that it is launching its own delivery service appears to have come on Royal Mail's blind side, but should this have been such a surprise? It's a good example of why you should keep your customers close and the competition even closer. (more…) Read more

Don’t Forget The Deficit

Do you ever hear someone speak and think, 'they've got a big brain'? It happens to me all the time. At one of the fabulous Salon North events last night I was listening to Dr Adam Kucharski from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine explain how pandemics occur. He did some great visual and interactive illustrations. He showed some research. Then he talked, without changing his slide, probably only for five minutes. I was mesmerised, what he was saying ... Read more

The Changing Hinterland of the Seller

The day of the double glazing salesman with his size 10 wedged in your front door has long gone. However, the smooth talking, focused deal closer is still what a lot of businesses would perceive as the ideal salesman. But, even this is changing. Some recent research by Ford Retail reveals a picture that shows the successful salesman is now being defined by a different skill set. The characteristics most associated with high performance were good communication and a commitment to customer ... Read more

Know your competition?

Very often it is not your obvious competitors who are the ones you should watch but the emerging brands which are bringing something new to the table. For example, look at Little Chef, the motorway restaurant, modelled on the classic American diner. In 2000, they were a thriving business with 439 roadside diners. If you wanted to stop for a meal on a motorway or dual carriageway, you would probably have pulled over and popped into a Little Chef. Roll onto 2014 ... Read more

The Law of Momentum

Why is it that momentum just seems to increase when we’re active? I mountain bike and there is nothing like a good long downhill to get you going quickly. There are dangers though, the faster you go the more you have to be on your guard, rocks, gates, walls all appear much more quickly, then there’s the loose stuff which can whip your wheels from under you. So you have to stay focused, keep your senses alert and be ready for the ... Read more
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