DNA delivers a programme for business owners to help you take an objective view of your company’s performance and future opportunities. Delivering fresh thinking away from the daily demands of day-to-day management. Whether working on a distinct project or in a non-executive capacity, DNA uses a series of tools to clarify your business offer that have been developed and refined over many years. This information delivers challenging and effective insight and strategies for your growth.

defining your vision

If the vision is something only you can see, it will quickly become just a daydream. Clarity of vision means that it is adopted by every team member, that it drives decision making, customer service and recruitment. Everyone is on a mission – the same mission – engaged with a purpose and working together on a shared set of values. From directors down, from the shopfloor up – you are delivering one message – that’s how you grow the vision

director mentoring

If you’re already leading a successful business, why do you need leadership advice? While you’ve achieved so much already, taking the next big step can require fresh skills and insight. Working with you in a non-executive capacity, DNA provides proven methods for you to accelerate your growth. If you want to get there quicker and stronger, DNA can help by challenging the limitations on your growth and seeking out a fresh perspective. 

Sometimes leadership looks like taking a step back and inviting in some external counsel. If your wisdom is calling you to do something different, talk to DNA.

growth plan

Remember when you started out? You had big ideas about where you were going and how you were going to get there. That energy got you to where you are today. Your next level growth plan, established with the DNA team, will re-ignite that entrepreneurial passion and go beyond what you currently see as achievable. 

There is no doubt that working with DNA has moved our business forward. Sometimes you need an outsider looking in to help you gain focus on your future objectives to help crystalise them.

Rob MilnerManaging Director, Leach and Thompson