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What’s the heart of your message

I see you around, you are everywhere. It makes me feel so proud, knowing we were once so close. You were in my heart first. I love the way you look, the way you make me feel. You were bound to get noticed. It was only a matter of time. Now you have a whole new life out there in the big wide world. Of course I still get to see you but it’s different now. You are some big name, everyone wants a piece of you. You ... Read more

Tesco Needs Some Penguins

I’ve written before and it seems often on the fragility of brand. The Findus horsemeat scandal was an outstanding example of a fall from grace and the big names have been keeping us brand observers busy since then. This week, Tesco has proved once again that no brand is too big to fail. It’s relative of course. Misstating your profits by £263 million leaves you with over a billion to play with. This is not a company about to fold, it is ... Read more