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So, just how DO you export?

If you are not already fed up with all the discussion about Brexit, whether it be hard, soft, medium rare or over-easy, then you must be a political journalist.  For the rest of us, particularly if we are running a small to medium sized business, the challenge is as great as ever to grow our businesses, particularly internationally. The DNA Chairman, Doug Jackson, is taking this seriously enough to write a book about how to do it. After over 40 years in ... Read more

The European Market – Too Close or To Close?

The complexity of the English language often allows us to write a completely confusing sentence like the above headline, which nevertheless is good English, if a little clunky. At some point quite soon, maybe this year, we will be asked to vote on whether we wish to remain part of the vast market that is so close to our shores, or leave it and close off the direct route to the single European market. In reality, as with all such major decisions, there ... Read more