COVID-19 Support

How to work smarter when home working is new to you

The effective way to stay productive, avoid being chained to your desk and remain sane while you work from home.

With Covid-19 meaning many have begun home working, this presents big challenges for time management.

This simple technique might just be the technique to help.


Understanding yourself and others better

While you work from home, you seem to be
bugging your family more than ever! Maybe they have a point?

How we can all understand one another better, understand how our behaviour affects those we live with and even use Covid-19 containment time to grow as individuals.

Having the right mindset and applying these techniques could just help.


Don’t Panic! Plan – 30 mins. FREE with
an advisor

With Covid-19 raging why plan for the future now? Many things are changing, so how we react and the plans we put in place at this time could be critical.

Right now you have to think fast, adapt on the fly – demanding the most from your entrepreneurial senses, so why not access some free support.

You can access 30 minutes with an experienced business mentor in our team.


With no time step back from the daily demands making the right decisions has never been so critical.

DNA specialise in helping business owners find their way to a stronger future

Right now many feel like your business has been dropped right in the wilderness!

So maybe we can help.

You need answers and you need them quickly. Out Of The Wild is a fast, effective and direct look at what needs to happen, by-when, to get the quickest changes you need.

Using a series of techniques and tools, our expert DNA business mentors, have decades of experience, people who run or have run companies. They will support you in working out where you go next.

The result will be an agreed set of essential actions. If you choose, you will be held to account and your DNA advisor will check in with you over the following days and weeks to follow your progress. After this you may choose to engage further or build on your own.

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