Crossing Over

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This week the new Forth Bridge Queensferry Crossing was completed. I had the privilege of seeing this a few months ago and took these shots, impressed by the skill involved in creating and achieving such a feat, the overhangs suspended above the water with no connections.

The pictures of the completed bridge got me thinking; to build a bridge, the team start at both ends and meet in the middle, joining two disconnected places and opening up a world of new possibilities.

Often in business when a company is looking to the future, it is just this challenge they face. The present is disconnected from the future and the steps to get the two to meet seem unclear. However, with a clear vision and a decisive strategy the seemingly impossible can become a reality.

The final piece of the Queensferry Crossing must be greeted with a sense of great achievement and pride for the engineers and investors. However, this is just the beginning! The reality and realisation of their vision, planning and hard work will be when the bridge opens. At first this will be novel and exciting to travel where there was no route only days before, but the plan was to create this so new possibilities could be explored, jobs and opportunities for Scottish companies. The vision goes far beyond the achievements of the engineers. It opens opportunities for others, be they businesses or personal.

So if you have a vision, you want to drive your business to a new level or go somewhere never before explored, then getting a robust plan can make all the difference between success and a permanent disconnect. Do you know what the possibilities could be if you take those steps towards the future? What would it look like once you’ve achieved it and what do you need to put in place to make it happen? Are you ready for those overhang moments where it seems like there is nothing holding you up?

With the right road map, clear objectives and a step-by-step plan, the vision can be achieved. You will be able to track your progress and for those moments when it seems like you’re in open water, you’ll be able to take confidence that this was simply part of the plan. Then, when the final piece has been put in place, you can begin the journey of opening up a new world of possibilities.

Jonathan Rayfield