Changing attitudes

by encouraging aspiration amongst your team

What is the culture of your business? Has it happened by accident? As an employer, you will have a diverse range of personalities working for you; getting those different styles to work together cohesively is a tough task and it’s too important to leave to chance. Recruitment is expensive and time consuming, so if you’re not happy with the environment in your company, how about keeping the people and changing the culture?

DNA tools support you to have a broader vision of the sort of business culture you could achieve. We engage with your team in workshop style sessions to develop an authentic description of the business that they can buy into.

personal professional development

Go beyond your obligations as an employer to create a business culture where team members feel valued. By delivering clarity on roles, responsibilities and accountability, you remove a whole layer of misunderstanding and discontent – staff annual reviews undergo a transformation. Sound like an HR dream? Well DNA can make it a daily reality.

We deploy a series of tools to identify key skills, strengths, growth needs, motivations and areas of conflict. When combined with personal development, this empowers the whole business for growth. Every role is profiled, from sales to shop floor, building a structure that will last for every annual review you ever do and providing a template for recruitment. Working with your management and employees to gain buy-in, we agree targets, celebrate successes and identify growth areas. DNA personality profiling takes your people from good to great; when we understand ourselves better, we can work better with others.

Your ability to understand our market and business in such a short time is quite remarkable.

Phil KelshawManaging Director, Flexitallic Inc.

share your vision

Don’t keep your vision to yourself: it’s not a secret, it’s a strategy. Clarity of vision means that it is adopted by every team member; to achieve this, you need to create a growth mindset. DNA has developed a toolkit to do just that with every single member of your team. This includes:

  • written statements for Purpose, Vision, Mission & Values
  • an employee handbook for your existing team & new starters
  • brand values for your website & sales literature
  • brand values on display in the workplace
  • a clearly defined culture for every stakeholder to aspire to

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