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A Proven Process
The process we follow for DNA has been developed and honed over several years. By the very nature of our fundamental premise that every business is unique in form, the process cannot be rigid and is open to adaptation according to the the needs of our client. It does however create a good structure with which to approach a business and has been tried and proven across a range of businesses from multinationals to SME’s. The diagrams above show the process we follow in identifying and utilising your company’s DNA. We follow a distinct process for companies looking to move into the export market and for companies who are wishing to develop their technology strategy.

Tailored To Your Business

DNA Options
We are aware that companies have a variety of financial, time and human resource constraints. After initial conversations we can identify the best DNA process to follow for your organisation to meet your required outcomes. Each DNA Business Engineering model includes our bespoke stakeholders interviews,  which deliver independent evaluation of your client based requirements, often leading to increased business.

DNA 360
Includes stakeholder interviews, competitor analysis, messaging workshop and marketing plan. The DNA 360 provides indepth analysis and appraisal with clear reporting and actions for the future. It is suitable for medium – large businesses with a reasonable budget.
DNA Insight
Includes stakeholder interviews and competitor analysis. The DNA Insight is suitable for medium sized businesses seeking a competitive advantage.
DNA Consult
Includes stakeholder interviews and common/gap analysis. The DNA Consult is suitable for smaller businesses and concentrates on key areas in need of development.