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Can investing time and expertise in performance really increase your bottom line?

Often when a review is carried out, be it of systems, people, processes or targets these reviews are seen as barriers, or inconveniences to your company’s real work.

However, if you could see tangible changes, improved performance and greater results, would your view of this be different? The Red Bull Race team make 1000’s of tiny changes to their cars each year, in the belief that each tiny incremental improvement will add to the final result. When Bradley Wiggins raced Le Tour, his then coach insisted on 100’s of tweaks. Changes to his diet, routine, training programme and bike whilst only small; collectively were significant, worth the effort and he won the race.

So as a business leader is there anything we can learn from these examples in sport? As with so much in life change often begins with the heart. In order for these good sportsmen to become great sportsmen they had to believe. Sure they had to dedicate hours of practice; this was essential, but the person had to truly believe they could perform at the highest level. The framework of incremental change in diet, kit, routine and practice all took the sports people to believe they were rising to greatness.

In all our businesses there is much that is good, but do we truly want it be great? So often we settle for good, when once we dreamt of great. So dream again, re imagine, plan for best and aim for excellence.

As you start thinking of a new year, here are a few questions worth asking of yourself, your board and your business.

In review am I proud of our achievements as a company this year?

If I am, have I celebrated these, thanked those who helped and looked at how to do more of the same?

If there are things that have failed, have I learnt from them, brushed myself down, taken ownership and
re-assured my people that we’ll win next time and still thanked them for their efforts?

When I think of the year ahead have I thought of what the end of they year will look like? Set my goals, looked at how to be better next year? Is it time to dream again?

As I imagine the future am I working out how I will turn these into realities?

If we start with the end in mind, we may not achieve all we hoped for but we will achieve a great deal more than if we never planned at all. As someone once said ‘if we fail to plan, we plan to fail’. Instead I prefer the words of Peter Drucker said ‘the best way to predict the future is to plan it.’

So have a great seasonal break and I wish you the best for 2018. As you start the new year why not begin putting your dreams in to reality.

If you would like to know more about how DNA can work with you in developing your business dreams in to realities, or want to review your business performance with a mind to the future call Jonathan Rayfield direct on 07957 253322.