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There are many techniques deployed in order to achieve top level Google web ranking. DNA’s search engine optimisation is based on two key principles. These search engine optimisation techniques have the commercial benefit of creating search content that will last, so while paid advertising offers quick results, it does nothing for organic searches, and once your advertising budget is depleted you either lose your spot, or have to spend more to sustain this.

Ultimately, the route you choose depends on your objective; if you want quick results, or sustainable search content. You can of course use both, subject to budget constraints.

So do these techniques work? This is ultimately what you want to know! We took a small steel stockholder and allying these techniques spent 12-16 weeks on an SEO strategy. Against larger businesses with greater resources the client High Peak Steels went from outside the top 100 results (so nowhere) to Number 1 on Page One. This is a market niche term which is highly prized EN39B. In fact proof of this is that within a week a key competitor ran a paid ad to get back on to No 1. spot. Organically spot 2 remains and the client is happy with this.

The two key principles are as follows:

1. Build techniques
When we build a site, the structure and navigation (what is called the information architecture of a website) are developed with Google search in mind. It is easy to assume that every developer works this way, but not so. If you structure your website well, users will find their way more easily and Google can index your URLs better. So we build sites with effective navigation, title slugs, image naming and many other elements aimed at driving Google searches to your website.

2. Rich Content
Over the past few years Google has increasingly valued the quality of content, so DNA’s team in creating a site works on delivering relevant, engaging, quality content for your website. By researching both with you as a client and more widely in the market we can build searchable, authoritative content. This achieves three objectives. FIRST – there are lots of terms Google can index, which means when people do search your phrases are more likely to be found and consequently the likelihood of being visited increases.  SECOND – a potential customer typing in a keyword or phrase for a site that has many ways of describing what they are looking for is more likely to be found. THIRD – when the potential customer arrives at your site, they are presented with a clean, well designed website that not only looks good but is quick to load and delivers content and services that are easy to navigate and access. This increases your opportunity to sell, this is often referred to as ‘sticky content’. You can add to this rich content by creating links within the site to other topics the visitor may find helpful.

Page 1 - Number 1 spot on Google