Make changes fast – 90 day plan

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The first 90 days for the new president elect, Joe Biden, have begun

He’s setting the tone for how he will lead. The American people may like it or not, but this is what he will do. After all, he’s been elected to lead.

Why do leaders make these fast changes?
The benefit of NEW leadership is that you can see what went before, what you agreed, or not with, how you believe things can be better. Making the changes fast, in 90 days is effective.

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Running an SME may be very different from being President of the USA, but getting a 90 day plan can be just as valuable for your world.

Can you make a 90 day plan in a business you’ve run for years?
Of course you can, you have to take care that you do not undo the good work already created however. The most important priority is that you have somewhere you want to take it! This good intention is the start, now you just need to build the plan.


DNA can help you make this change. We’ve been working with clients on 90 day plans for decades. Right now there is GRANT support too, if you’re a UK SME and qualify, which we can confirm quickly for you.

If it’s an export plan you need you may also receive a FREE copy of our book on Export.

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