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If you are a manufacturer and looking for strategies to grow your business, engage your customers, find out how to leverage more sales from existing customers or looking to export, it’s a good time for you to talk to DNA.

Our team has worked for small machine shops right through to global manufacturing businesses. We have spoken to manufacturing customers all over the world, visited hundred’s of factories and been instrumental in innovation, process improvement and product launches.

Are you looking for a niche in the market? The DNA process will help you identify this, making sure the groundwork is done before you launch out on an expensive sales and marketing strategy.

We will work with you to devise a plan, set KPI’s and work along side you to measure this with your growth.

Our team work with the Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS), supporting on projects, for example following a Lean project by MAS, we will be tasked with developing sales and marketing strategies to drive growth.

How can DNA work with you as a manufacturer?

– Develop a three year business plan (one you can use every day to measure performance)

– Mentor your leaders Often an owner managed business is lonely, so having an external ear, to listen and bounce ideas off is invaluable. For family businesses there can be the challenge of agreeing the way forward and our DNA team will help guide a business carefully through this. For a board, it is about gaining collaboration and buy-in to see where and how far the business can grow.

– Review your sales process and recommend changes to improve performance

– Sales Training – If you want to improve the performance of your sales people, DNA can deliver training tailored to your business and service. From personal effectiveness, to target setting, performance reviews and one to one coaching.

– Market positioning – your business may have great products, technical expertise and a willingness to grow, however there are times when deciding the right direction is a challenge. Our DNA team have tools to enable you, as the business leader to evaluate, with clarity, all the facts and make strategic decisions about the future path for your business. As well as MAS our team work with UKTI in looking at overseas markets where we compliment the UKTI services with practical plans of how a business can grow and reach new markets.