Marketing Hub

Marketing Hub

See all your Marketing Activity Reporting in one place

Then you can evaluate your return on your marketing investment, essential for every business. The DNA Marketing Hub tool will enable business owners to see the real results for their marketing investment.


Set up by our team means you can soon be up and running, so right from the start you know what’s going on and how well it’s going. We can import your contacts, so email campaigns can be directed to groups and you can separate these in to different customer types, so campaigns are targeted.

There are several levels of package which you can opt for. Whatever level you start, you can choose to upgrade to the next level at any time.

Ads Integration
To the Marketing Hub enables transparent reporting of your campaigns and the results – so you have visibility of your ROI

Linking your Social Apps. to the marketing hub enables accurate reporting and ROI analysis

Here’s how your reporting looks for a paid campaign to evaluate ROI

Ads linked to the marketing dash provide ROI information
Website Analytics

Email Campaigns
You can even see what people did with your emails when opened and which pages of your website they have visited.

Email viewing time

Integrating Apps
Whether you want to link accounts to orders, or add social media there are many API links we can use to integrate your sales and marketing workflow.

Link Apps

Social Media Integration
To help your ROI analysis, our team integrate your social platforms into the Marketing Hub. This way all your analysis is in one place and you can compare different channel performance.

This will also help ensure there is an integrated message and approach to your campaigns.

Social Media links

User Experience (UX)
A component of User Experience UX is engaging your visitors. You’ve got between three and eight seconds to engage a web visitor, after this they’re gone. If they are wondering where to start on your website, a dynamic prompt can keep them hooked to your site. Visitors are great, but engaged visitors are best. You may have invested in an SEO campaign, or Google Adwords to get them there, so now you want them to enquire or buy.

A chat can be automated with a BOT. We can design your BOT to engage a prospect, helping them to search for the services or products they need.

Web Forms

1. Chat BOTS – enable visitors to engage with the business when an expert is away or out of hours

2. Expert receives a notification new conversation has come in from Bob

3. After the Chat bot conversation a designated expert will receive a notification to action the conversation and provide any follow up

Search Engine optimisation
Linking your site to Google analytics means we can evaluate your websites performance. With the Marketing Hub we can attribute web visits to contacts.

By adding code from the Marketing Hub into your website we can track who has visited certain pages and capture user engagement to your site.

Our software is GDPR compliant and comes with standard wording which can be edited if you choose.

Reports Analysis

See contact activity
All your contact actions stored in one location > email campaign opens > calls > social media actions.

Contacts activity

Sales Performance analytics
Sales Pipeline overview