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Doug jackson leading an Aspect DNA session

We all understand a little about an individual’s personal DNA as far as their physical characteristics are concerned. But how effectively do we use our DNA to improve performance?

At DNA Business Engineering, we work with teams to improve personal effectiveness by using a number of techniques, both in one-to-one situations for business leaders and working within groups. We recognise that our personal DNA influences our corporate effectiveness, can be used to strengthen our performance and to define the DNA of our workplace.

The Personal Effectiveness and The Sales Call programmes look at how your mindset can affect the way you communicate with others.  We study how to build really good rapport and help people to understand how they come across to others.  Building on an effective ‘personal power’ base we then work on the basics of selling techniques, asking questions, dealing with objections and closing the deal.

Who is it for?
This is an ideal refresher for business leaders, who wish to refine higher levels of communication skills, so they can lead better and gain the support of their whole team. The tools used in this executive level development are a blend of DNA methods together with highly regarded tools including Belbin & VAK.

For established sales professionals, the course explores Impression management, personal hinterland (TM) and State management. Also more traditional skills such as questioning techniques, using SPIN, and objection handling.

The programme can also be tailored as an great introduction for those just starting out on their sales careers. The benefits of this will instil good habits from the start. From cold calling, to rapport building and personal goal setting.

How long is the training?
These programmes, delivered over two days, touch on a number of key issues in the process of effective communication and selling, all of which can be expanded upon in separate, more in depth modules.  These include; State Management, Emotional Resilience and Rapport Building.

The workshop is designed specifically as an in-house training and refresher.

To discuss your development and training needs call 01423 501161 and speak to Doug Jackson or Jonathan Rayfield.

Other topics include:

• Support in the field
• Using CRM to improve sales performance
• One-on-One – developing sales skills
• Goal setting and measurement