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Cox and Plant

A UK Manufacturer of materials handling equipment to predominantly in to food sectors. Family owned with expertise in inventing new specialist equipment.

Strategic requirements
Export growth plan – To research and devise a strategy and recruit worldwide sales distributors. The Agents had to be established companies, trading preferably in food processing and have engineering expertise.

Deliverables – Export Strategy
• Overseas market review
• Customer – market review interviews
• Created profile for target distributors
• Generated a distributor list of 90 target companies
• Produced distributor recruitment pack – letter/brochure/web
• Staged contact, interviewed distributors, negotiated contracts

• 4 new overseas agents recruited
• 8 in discussion about future
• 19 at first stage
• 1 x sales opportunity created.


When we started this process with DNA, UKTI helped us with an OMIS report,
but we needed actual results. We had tried two consultants who failed to gain
any success in recruiting agents. So the bar was high and our expectation low.
However, DNA delivered an incredible result.

Andy Cox, Managing Director