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James Spencer & Co. Ltd

A well-established, family run, specialist furniture manufacturer based in Yorkshire, James Spencer has a reputation for making high quality items for the NHS and public and private sector care facilities.

DNA Operational & Strategic Objectives
• Support the leadership team
• Write a three-year growth plan
• Personal development training for the sales team
• Market analysis
• Develop market-focused literature
• Develop sales commission structure.

The business has seen a 20% increase in turnover over six months and has a clear growth plan, including restructuring of the sales team, focusing on specific markets. DNA worked with James Spencer’s Chairman to re-engineer the way products were supplied, resulting in a 9% increase in GP.

Profit margins over the last three months are considerably higher so all in all I am delighted! We will continue to focus on good customer relationships and are looking at healthy growth over the coming years.

Chairman, James Spencer & Co Ltd