5 reasons why…

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We talk to businesses all the time who tell us they are not ready. Not ready to talk to us because if they bring in business consultants, that should spearhead business growth while actually, that is the problem: they are not ready for growth. Consequently, this is often what we hear:

  1. We haven’t got time to spend with a consultant. You know how we’re going to respond to this already – that’s why you should spend time with us. When you spend time on the business instead of in the business, you bring about change. Yes, you have to prioritise this strategic time and yes, it is a discipline to tear yourself away from where you are always needed. The growth you want to see starts with you and by committing time, you are also committing to the future of your company.
  2. We don’t want to admit we haven’t got all the answers. Well who has? It may feel like your business could go up a gear but what this looks like and how this is going to happen are huge questions. This is when you need to play to your strengths, continue running your successful business but bring on fresh legs. Work with someone who thinks differently to bring focus to your strategy.
  3. We’re not sure we can handle more growth. Successful companies often find themselves in a position where their business growth feels out of control. Recruitment, retention, investment and logistics are all under pressure. If you’ve grown to your target, you can run out of momentum to push again. What you need here is an achievable growth plan. Not just the financial forecast but the whole package around this – what the entire company would look like in two years time and how you achieve this stage by stage.
  4. The Board isn’t agreed on the next steps. Two directors, two opinions, eight board members…You know you will not always get agreement but often the compromise prevents long term growth and leaves a bad taste. Often boards grow organically and can lack structure – a non-exec can moderate opinions and work with company management to create accountability and focus. This result is commitment to a common goal with realistic expectations using individual skills.
  5. The company doesn’t respond well to change. You can have the greatest of plans but without a willing workforce, it can be an uphill struggle. We firmly believe in working within every level of business; we never communicate only with the top tier. An engaged team who share your vision and will go the extra mile to achieve it is the greatest asset you can have. Our job is to bring them on board.

So maybe it’s time for a chat; perhaps you could give us a couple of hours and we can talk about your biggest challenge? We can demonstrate how we can help you become intentional about business growth. We’ve worked with lots of business who were outwardly successful yet still felt stuck. Now they have momentum. If you’d like to take control of your future, give us a call.