Invest in the future of your business

with a DNA Sales Workshop

If you could make your sales team 10% more effective, how would that affect your bottom line? Invest in communications training for your sales team and you can transform your business. We run regular courses, either company specific or with other businesses, teaching sales skills development. We also work with businesses to improve their sales pipeline for planning and systems implementation.

Every sales offering is enhanced by having the right tools for the job – whether that’s a website that drives initial enquiries, engaging social media posts or consistent and coherent brand messages. DNA offers a full range of creative marketing services so that your business can achieve cohesive communication across all your sales platforms.

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who are the courses for?

If you are serious about developing your sales communication, the DNA Sales Workshop is for you. You will learn transferrable skills that you can use in the sales environment and beyond. DNA is committed to growing better communicators.

learn to...

  • increase your self awareness
  • understand your own & your customer’s communication style
  • maximise the value of your sales pipeline
  • implement strategies to achieve your targets

style of course

  • workshop style
  • coaching – group & one-to-one
  • role plays – in a safe learning setting
  • personal reflection & course work

what you get

  • course notes / handbook
  • feedback on your communication style
  • recommended reading list
  • certificate