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First impressions always count. So making the right one is essential from your brand image, to website and marketing message getting the right tone, style and position is vital.

• Marketing strategy
• Message workshop
• Branding design – application
• Web development
• Social media strategy
• Photography
• Video

• Theme generation
Message development
Stand design & graphic display
Event marketing
Exhibition design & logistics
Expert panel selection, planning & programming
Post event evaluation – sales plan follow up co-ordination

Know who your competitors are and if you do, how well do you know why you’re better? Is it enough to convince your next prospect and can you say this message is universal through your business?

For most it’s a journey. DNA work with our clients to understand, interpret, differentiate and communicate their message.

Our experienced marketing and creative team quickly interpret the research work from our consult team so they truly get the right marketing brief to begin communicating what’s great about your business, in a way that is compelling to your customers.