Smartphone responsive website

Did you know over 53% of first views of websites are on smartphones. If your website has not been configured to deliver content on smaller screen sizes you may be missing valuable business opportunities.

DNA can switch your website content into a smartphone and tablet friendly platform, so you will get more people staying once they find you.

The high volume of users visiting your site for the first time is not exclusive to B2C. The smartphone is here to stay and buyers no longer draw the line between work activity on their phone and social. So as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are accessed from the users mobile, so user expects the same level of interactivity and accessibility from your website.
So how do you give them what they want?
  1. Build a responsive website – the scales to the device they use
  2. Provide Help BOTS to answer common questions when your team is away
  3. Design great User Experience (UX), so visitors find it easy to browse your site, find products and services you offer
  4. Update your content, this will encourage visitors to come back
  5. Make offers to engage your visitors, capture information they are happy to share, so you can reach out to them in the future.
Here’s a few ideas that will help build your customer engagement on-line.