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If you are not already fed up with all the discussion about Brexit, whether it be hard, soft, medium rare or over-easy, then you must be a political journalist.  For the rest of us, particularly if we are running a small to medium sized business, the challenge is as great as ever to grow our businesses, particularly internationally.

The DNA Chairman, Doug Jackson, is taking this seriously enough to write a book about how to do it. After over 40 years in international business he has a massive amount of experience and a huge number of anecdotes with which to illustrate his approach to selling successfully from Tallin to Taipei.

With a working title of Who ordered the Battered Cod?, the book will walk you through the minefield of trading overseas. Potential disasters are identified and strategies laid out to avoid them. Practical advice about the mechanics of exporting is leavened with some light hearted stories of mistakes made and their consequences. Successful people make a mess of things too and this book will provide an inside track on the learning process that the author has already gone through, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

As the UK finds its way through its own minefield during the Brexit process, the book will help SME leaders to chart a way through the exporting process, whether it be in Europe or further afield.

Doug has just published his first book, Porridge in The Tallboy, a memoir of his early life as a boarding school boy and international traveller at the tender age of eight. The final chapter of that book is a taster of Who ordered the Battered Cod? and all proceeds from this first book are being donated to Alzheimer’s Research UK.

Copies of Porridge in the Tallboy are available on Amazon. To pre-order Who ordered the Battered Cod?, due for publication early 2018, please contact Doug:

M + 44 (0)7753 796316

If you need assistance right now with your growth strategies, domestic or international, please contact DNA Business Engineering today.