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Identifying Your Differential
It can be easy to assume, especially in the tough trading periods of the last 5 years, that every other business in your sector is your competition, you may believe there is little to differentiate between any of your service and product offerings. However, as a business you have expertise, ways of operating and skill sets that differentiate you from any other competitor in your sector – we call this your ‘Gold Dust’. It’s only when your business has defined this, your real DNA that it can position, communicate and win the best business for the firm. None of us want all the work; what we do want is the work that best suits our business, its is this business that will increase your profitability and your reputation.

So how can you unlock your ‘Gold Dust’?
Using our unique DNA methodology we can swiftly and accurately identify and analyse your company’s market differentiation. Our team work with you to draw out this difference and then use this valuable knowledge to develop business, sales and marketing strategies to you grow your business. We will work with you to define channels to market and the sales targets required to achieve the revenue you want.

Our approach is based on:

• Intelligent Insight
• Structured Questioning
• Sector Specific Analysis
• Swift Focused Delivery

Why Choose Us?
A Strategic Plan For Your Business
With the demands on business leaders, taking the time to develop a plan of action can seem a luxury that you cannot afford. Working with DNA will reduce the time you have to invest in this activity by focusing on specific areas for your company to develop. The resulting plan – be it a business plan, marketing strategy or vision statement – will provide a benchmark that you will return to time and again to influence future decision making with the confidence that your plans are robust and will help you achieve your goals. 
Building a Vision for the future

A comprehensive business plan is an essential tool in enabling your company to map out a clear strategy. From this plan, a vision or mission statement will emerge, a concise form of words that everyone can understand, that will lead your communications message and inspire and direct your team.

So what is your vision? Can you spell it out in a few short words? Our team can work with you to define your vision and then articulate this so everyone within your organisation will understand the contribution they can make to achieving this. 

Changing the Culture of your business

The people who work in your business are the foundation stones of your organisation. Whether you call them your staff, team or workforce, when implementing change in a business you need to take them with you. The success of any change within the company is absolutely dependent on the culture of your organisation.

Culture is often the most overlooked or misunderstood area within an organisation. Business leaders tend to focus on the numbers, on the tangibles because that’s what funds the business but it’s people ‘on-board’ that makes progress and growth possible. A change of culture that makes a workplace more positive and empowering increases a culture of ownership by the team.

The DNA team includes experienced practitioners who can work with you to ensure buy-in of new ideas and ways of working through the implementation of cultural change. 

Developing an effective Sales strategy

Where is your year-on-year growth going to come from? Do you have a proactive sales strategy? How much do you have in your sales pipeline? Do we focus on internal sales or external sales or both? Can we achieve sales purely from online and e-campaigns?

Good forecasting, planning and strategy are the key to sales growth. With the right tools we can help you identify where the business is coming from, how growth can be achieved, the training that is required for your sales force, the right messages to communicate and how you can truly improve your sales results.

Jonathan Rayfield and Doug Jackson have both run successful companies that are dependent on direct sales. Their external review of your sales process, team and potential will engage, boost and ultimately improve the sales performance of your team. This is not simply a sales course though it can include training. We work with teams to engage them in finding the best way to sell your services and products. 

Creating a powerful Marketing strategy

No brand ever grew by chance. Every business benefits from a clear, focused marketing plan. For your business to be successful, communication is key: a powerful marketing strategy is the tool you need to drive your business forward.

If you want to formulate a strategy to market your business, your products and services, the DNA team have a strong skill-base to help achieve these goals. Aspect Design is a sister company of DNA Consulting and with ready access to this commercial and creative expertise, we can work with you to develop a marketing strategy, deliver the actions and measure the results. 

Delivering a robust Business plan

In a recent article from Harvard, a survey conducted of businesses in the B2B sector found that of those companies who had taken the time to write a business plan, 70% believed it made a significant difference to their daily decisions by influencing these to keep ‘on plan’. Of the 70%, the respondents also believed that by having a plan growth was more likely.

In contrast, many companies write a business plan simply to persuade the bank, or investors to lend. Once the funding is secured, the plan goes in the draw never to see the light of day. Our DNA team are committed to working with clients to draw all the knowledge you have about your business in to a working document with objectives, milestones, targets and owners for differing tasks in the business. We focus the leaders of business on the most important things, so you can achieve your goals with direction and celebrate as you see the milestones achieved.