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Working For Your Business 
Our aim with DNA is to provide your business with a future plan, a strategy to achieve clear and achievable goals, inspire confidence in your team and your customers and to steer you towards growth. This plan needs to be robust and in order to achieve this, the methodology behind it needs to be rigorous. We have devised a toolbox of over 30 items; some will be familiar names – The Boston Matrix, SWOT Analysis – some have been created or adapated specifically for the DNA process to deliver practical results.

DNA Toolbox
Messaging Workshop

A consistent message is the foundation of strong brand development. A Messaging Workshop assists in clarifying what you want to say and gives confidence in communicating that message.

A Messaging Workshop delivers:

  • priority of values and clarification of brand goals
  • identification of the consistent message that will be the foundation of strong brand development
  • a master narrative to direct your communications – the story behind all stories
  • understanding of your customers pain and your sales response to this
  • defensive lines to any potential criticisms
  • a catalyst to review and update existing communications
Stakeholder Interviews

Indepth, structured interviews, tailored to your business and your market. A cross section of every stakeholder in the business, undertaken by experienced business analysts to present a 360° picture of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Stakeholder Interviews will transform how you see your business:

  • know your company inside out through independent research that gives impartial feedback
  • distill your vision throughout the company and facilitate change by creating team buy-in
  • add clarity to your USP’s to gain competitive advantage
  • gain trust and loyalty from your team by including them in the process
Client Interviews

Gaining an insight in to client perceptions of the company is one of the most powerful components of brand and marketing evaluation. As external, impartial and confidential brand consultants, DNA will carry out perception interviews with a selection of your customers to gain this insight, using qualitative questioning to gather their views on your business, your service and your reputation. We will discuss products, service and new opportunities.

With DNA’s customer interviews, you can:

  • Find £10,000’s of untapped business
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Reveal new service opportunities
  • Differentiate your company from your competitors
  • Enhance your customer service
Competitor Analysis

Challenge internally held perceptions of your competition through analysis of their on-line presence and commercial position. Find out how you compare across a range of areas including marketing mix, brand reach, web functionality and customer care and use this as collateral to clarify your market position.

Competitor Analysis will deliver:

  • actionable insight – tangible information you can use as a catalyst for change
  • accurate positioning of your business against that of your competition, enabling you to define future strategy
  • understand what is unique about your business, so you play to your strengths
  • market your company more effectively – make it easy for customers to find you and your products
  • explore new forms of media that can provide proactive and reactive responses in the market place


The  Toolbox
Over 30 tools integrated to work for your business
Developing a plan requires both discipline, clear goals and a process, however none of these will inspire your business, or your clients without innate ability, the skills to see the right direction, spot the opportunity, identify what is unique, or stand out in your sector. At DNA our team of consultants understand this. We have devised practical methods, which combined with our sound advice can steer you through the growth, giving the confidence your plans are robust and will achieve your goals. You will see here a summary of these tools broken in to specific business needs
Classic Marketing Tools

DNA utilises the top strategic tools from some of the greatest management thinkers and business schools around the world. The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Matrix, Porters 5 Forces, Ansoff’s Matrix and many more are proven tools to help us analyse, filter and conclude the best strategy for your business.

Unique DNA Tools

Over the years, we have developed our own matrices to analyse and assess every aspect of a business. Whether we are looking at sales forecasting, marketing channels or product groupings there is an in-house DNA tool to suit.

Bespoke Analytical Tools

Every business has its unique DNA. Sometimes we need to develop a specific model or matrix to meet the needs of a specific client. It might enable us to analyse a particular aspect of the company or to present results in a particular way. We don’t just run through a rigid process and churn out standardised reports. We orientate ourselves to suit every client.