Wherever Your Want To Grow In 2020

By 22nd January 2020 January 28th, 2020 No Comments

A new year, a new decade, however you arrange the dates there is something irresistible about a fresh start in January. That may be the subliminal reasons we are launching our new website this month. We might not be able to reinvent ourselves into faster, slimmer, fitter but what about our businesses? Here at DNA, we believe there is always room for business growth but equally, growth doesn’t always mean progress. A large unwielding corporation can look on with envy at the lean, dynamic start up. The ideal, of course is to combine the wisdom of years in business with the energy of the entrepreneur and sometimes, that takes a little external assistance.

Grow Your Business

As a company, we wouldn’t ask any of our clients to do something that we haven’t done ourselves. Over the past year we have streamlined our operation to make our offering more articulate and our delivery more efficient. Our services now fit neatly in strategy, culture and communication. There’s more about these services on our new website but to give you a quick overview:

Strategy – working with you to create commercial clarity as you seek to take your business to the next level – this includes vision development & articulation, director mentoring and growth plans

Culture – changing the attitude in your team by encouraging aspiration – including personal professional development and company vision & values toolkits

Communication – using your sales and marketing to connect with your audience in the most effective way – including sales workshops and creative services

Getting that fresh perspective is a challenge when you are head down in the business day after day. DNA can assist you in taking a positive step back to achieve clarity of vision. We don’t stop at director level; we can work with everyone in the business so that the values and culture you would like to see are embraced and become a goal to aspire to.

Choose The Best Route

You may be recovering from the last couple of years of business uncertainty. Perhaps you are looking at new markets. You might be considering what would happen if you weren’t there holding the reins. It’s not that you won’t get to your target, it’s just that there might be a more direct route. We are here to find that with you.

Embrace 2020, go with all the clichés about 2020 vision. This really could be your year for business growth. Call us for an initial chat; we are passionate about business and endlessly curious about what companies can do, create and be. Whether you need inspiration, co-operation or motivation, we look forward to meeting you.