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There has never been a better time for your business to go e-commerce and generate a new revenue stream.

Since March 2020, the market has changed unrecognisably with online sales of goods and services ascending to levels never seen before, not only for consumer goods but amongst B2B businesses as well. 

Previously you may have bought your engineering equipment or materials by picking up the phone or speaking to a specialist. Now you want to have access to this information online with the buying choice and facility to purchase now.


Is selling on-line for B2B manufacturers easier than a retailer offering e-commerce?

You could reason that for B2B manufacturers the job is much easier that a retail offering. After all if you are selling a material, product or machinery the shopping experience is very different from consumer marketing. There is much less demand for your senses to be stimulated by the feel good factor. Whilst this is true, there are different pressures on the B2B e-commerce seller to ensure all the technical detail, performance and comparison to other machines (for example) is available. After all how does the buyer know the sellers solution or product is the best for their requirements without information! If I cannot ‘have a go’, or see it in the flesh then the e-commerce solution is going to have to work all the harder. This is where B2B manufacturers need rich content.

Creating rich content

Your sales message is vital of course and the principles of AIDA remain true to e-commerce as much as any marketing media.



The need for deep content and information is essential. So it’s imperative to gather content that will inform your buyer. From technical sheets, to comparison charts and performance stats, through to videos. Share information made available in an understandable way. The use of social media to support this enables both signposting to the e-commerce website as well as adding content, for example video, which can be shared on social and lead back to your website. This will also assist Google SEO and help ranking of specific topics and product search phrases, these in turn will increase your search ranking.

Cost of Entry – getting the customer experience right, gaining sales, adapting your business to sell on-line, especially for manufacturing business, can seem a daunting challenge. But does it need to be so hard a mountain to climb?

Customer Journey – Tracking the customer journey is essential for all marketing projects and e-commerce contains many parts of a conventional sale. Our team can help you work out your process to sale via e-commerce. By running a number of scenarios we can work out the most customer focused approach. After all, if this is going to be an added revenue stream you want to get it right and keep those customers coming back.

Will manufacturers get a return on investment?

Boards of directors who are doing their job well, are on a continual mission to evolve new revenue streams. E-commerce can be a significant revenue stream. Just like every other innovation for your business it will require investment of time, cash and new processes.

DNA’s team often work with clients who want to develop their export strategy. In many ways like e-commerce developing the export strategy causes the business to evaluate, test, and refine their processes. After all you don’t want to miss a vital element, or document that could invalidate your sale, miss the boat or arrive incomplete!

E-commerce is the same. Once you shop the product it needs to be right. As a result these same evaluations and tests need to be carried out. Before you decide it’s too much hard work.

Consider the benefits:

  1. Process improvement increases the bottom line
  2. E-commerce adds a sales channel and may be much more cost effective than adding to your sales team. You also have less HR!
  • Reduces administration compared with conventional sales
  1. Scale-ability – once you prove your e-commerce solution you can scale with more and potentially diverse products.

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B2B buyers choosing to purchase capital equipment and consumables on-line
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